Hurray for Our New Lawyers!

Commission on Audit Regional Office VI, wishes to congratulate Atty. Timothy Ben J. Andrade, Atty. Mabelle J. Arellano, and Atty. Chem J. Huervana for successfully hurdling the 2022 BAR examinations.

Atty. Andrade is a State Auditor I currently assigned as Audit Team Member of Team No. R6-02, Corporate Government Audit Sector, Cluster 5 – Agricultural and Natural Resources, which is in charge of the National Irrigation Authority and Philippine Coconut Authority.

Atty. Arellano is a State Auditor II assigned as OIC – Audit Team Leader of Team R06-03, Corporate Government Audit Sector – Water Districts and Other CGAS Stand-Alone Agencies, which audit jurisdiction includes 6 Water Districts in Southern Negros Occidental.

Atty. Huervana is a State Auditor I assigned as Audit Team Member of Team R6-23, National Government Audit Sector, Cluster 6 – Health and Science, auditing the Western Visayas Medical Center and its affiliates.

Your COA RO VI family is very proud of you and wishes you all the best as you perform your duty as Officers of the Law.